Thursday, July 30, 2009

Album Club - July Pack

As the club sends a new package every four weeks, I receive 13 packs July was the month where two were sent out.

What a month! I've been truly spoilt for riches.

Riceboy Sleeps - Self-titled + a first class bonus cd of the band's influences - 9/10. I have to admit that it's a night record though.

Major Lazer - Guns don't Kill People, Lazers do + quite good bonus cd of remixes - 9/10 - furious dancehall from diplo and Switch

Tinariwen - Imidiwan : Companions + an interesting 30 min documentary on the making of the album and Tuareg life. 9.5/10

fantastic - im very happy!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Album Club - July Pack

Again I cannot complain - The club's been good to me

White Denim - Fits + Mix from the band - 9/10
Tony Allen - Secret Agent - 9/10
Miles Bnejamin ANthony Robinson - Self-titled - 9/10 - however I bought this one already from the rough trade shops so I found it only fair to exchange it for

Valerie & Friends - a compilation of new french electronic artists

I'm happy!