Monday, June 27, 2016

Rough Trade Album of the Month Club June 2016 Pack

une was a fantastic music month! my album selection was excellent! Max Jury - Self-titled + Bonus cd. Definitely one of the best records I heard this year. When I first heard Jury's recordings two years ago, I wasn't too impressed but for his debut he added a soul element to his music, roped in a hip hop producer and gave everything a pop sheen and it suits him. Each track is a pop nugget, maybe he is better at more poppy songs than the ballads but that's just slight nitpicking. 10/10. Minor Victories - Self-titled + Bonus cd. This was the core album. For those who don't know Minor Victories a supergroup consisting of members from Slowdive, Mogwai and Editors. This debut one was EPIC. Total panoramic music and tons of sounds to please audiophiles. Sometimes broody, sometimes catchy and a bit weird. This was a satisfying listen. I didn't like about two tracks and I sincerely hope that this is not a one off as there's a ton of untapped potential here. Whitney - Light Upon the Lake. Another excellent debut! Whitney's sound has got a country element with a 90's indie rock feel. Think of Pavement's Range Life. Oh and the group love brass as nearly every track has got a flurry of trumpets chucked in. Again I found this album to be perfect - not one track out of place. Great for the summer months July - Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve August - Wild Beasts (YES!!!) September - Angel Olsen