Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Rough Trade Club: February 2017 Pack

So as stated last month, I will not be receiving three cds chosen by the club. I will just receive one core cd and then I can choose as many as I like. As it takes me forever to soak in an album, I will stick to buying an extra two as that was good for me and is still within my budget. The core album was a reissue - Lift to Experience's The Texas Jerusalem Crossroads. At first I was a bit wary as it is a double album with seven minute songs but after a bit I grew from ambivalence to playing it every day! The album came with an ep of LTE songs done acoustically by lead sing Josh T. Pearson. It is indeed a classic and, although not an easy listen it is very satisfying and something outside of my comfort zone. 9/10 The other two cds I bought were: Horse Thief - Trials and Truths 8/10. This is totally within my comfort zone. A short snappy collection of catchy, slightly country-ish indie. A pleasant listen and it's a good way to pass a bus trip. 8/10 Sampha - Process. I had high hopes for this one as I kept reading great reviews, however the current pair of headphones I have distort electronic beats so I have to turn off the bass on my discman, which makes everything sound flat. I haven't heard this on a good stereo yet so I'm not sold, I just need better listening gear and the lushness will overtake me. I like the melodies though. 7/10, but could be an 8 later on. One thing I do like about this new system as that it is now difficult to predict the next month's batch. Here's my guess March - The Big Moon April - Here Lies Man May - Mac DeMarco