Monday, June 26, 2017

Rough Trade Album Club June 2017 Pack

An excellent month. The core album was compilation, actually a double cd mix curated by Max Richter and it is amazing! beautifully mixed and the track selection ranges from classical, modern compositions and post rock and it comes with a bonus cd with the post rocks bands tracks in full, so it's definitely value for money. However this is mood music so I did not play the compilation as much as I wanted to. It is great though 8.5/10 The other cd was Aldous Harding's Party. I guess you could describe her as a female Perfume Genius. All the songs are slow burners but they are excellent. 8.5/10 the last cd was Pumarosa's The Witch. A first class selection of modern psychedelia. The songs are slightly catchier in the second half of the album but i'm definitely not complaining. 8/10 forthcoming.... July - This is the Kit August - Girl Ray September ????