Saturday, March 1, 2008

Album Review - Bonde Do Role - With Lasers (Domino)

Bonde Do Role – With Lasers

Let’s get this straight Bonde do Role are NOT the new CSS or old CSS or have ANYTHING to do with CSS. Ok both hail form Brazil, have female lead singers and have a tacky/ironic image but that’s where the comparison ends.
Instead BDR are the new Fatboy Slim.
Hear me out here. It will make sense.
Like the big beat maestro , BDR are nothing but fun, in it’s most hedonistic sense. In fact the sillier the better and as their debut albums proceeds, the party just doesn’t and refuses to stop. In fact these guy’s songs are probably the dumbest I have ever heard in my petty existence but as they say you have to be pretty clever in order to pull something off like this.
One thing which is on their side is brevity. The album is short and thank goodness for that. If I had to endure an hour of this I would go insane but 30 mins is fine and funky.
Language is another thing I respect this band for greatly, unlike CSS , BDR ( gawd these acronyms) sing entirely in Portuguese and thus spared a feeble attempt of a singer belting out songs in a language they’d feel uncomfortable with.
The third is that all the producers here (the most recognizable, at least over in this part of the world being Brazilophile Diplo) pull off every single cliché and trick in the book of dance music. Huge fat beats, phased vocals, cheesy Van Halen guitars and obligatory female groaning.
But then where in any album would you find a kazoo ( on the stunning Geremia) featuring prominently or bucket loads of Baille funk? ( everywhere) so for every known move about three others pop up. This band get the party started on any night.

Unfortunately with an album as fun as this a short life may ensue, but let it be known this is the OFFICIAL summer album of 2007 and hopefully if the band don’t mature there will be plenty more fun summers to come.

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