Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Rough Trade Album of the Month Club - September 2015 Pack

This month I did not receive my pack due to it being lost in the mail. HOWEVER Rough trade sent me a replacement (yay) and I got it on Monday 28th so I have to listen to the cds properly before I rate them. Watch this space. Core Album Max Richter - From Sleep + Bonus Disc 7.5/10. Now and then the club will send an album by a neo classical composer. In the past I've received Chilly Gonzalez's Piano Concertos, A Winged Victory for the Sullen, Riceboy sleeps and now Max Richter. I admit that these albums require a lot of patience and take a few years to sink in fully. At the moment From Sleep is a seven but could be a ten in a few years. Royal Headache - High - 8/10 Excellent, perky indie. The Arcs - Yours Dreamily - 8/10. Anything with Black Keys on it gets a thumbs up from me! Next up October: John Grant November: Floating Points December ????? (no idea whatsoever) January - Hinds

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