Sunday, July 31, 2016

Rough Trade Album of the Month Club - July 2016 Pack

Wow what a month! My July pack was pretty good!, which means for the second month in a row the album club delivered the goods. Core album Beyond The Wizards Sleeve - the soft bounce + Bonus cd. An absolutely fantastic album! BTWS consist of dj Erol Alkan and Richard Norris ( Psychic TV, The Grid) and they delivered one hell of a record. The first half is pure psychedelic pop while the second half is more experimental, dabbling with modern composition, Afrobeat and Spoken word poetry. A must listen -9/10. The Julie Ruin - Hit reset. Although she's in her mid 50's Kathleen Hanna's feminist agenda has not changed and she still spits out her lyrics with venom, however she has embraced her melodic side so the end result is a catchy indie pop album that echos Hanna's heroes like Sleater Kinney and Huggy Bear. Total energy - 8.5/10. Metronomy - Summer 08 + Bonus Disc. During my album club membership, this will be the third Metronomy album I have received. In 2008 I got their third album, Nights Out. In 2014, their fourth album Love Letters was a core album. Five albums in and Metronomy is still consistent. Summer 08 is a bit different as this time there it's just Joseph Mount on his own and yet the album is eclectic. 80's hip hop, mid 00's new rave, some post punk funk. It's sunny, fun and maybe his best offering yet- 8.5/10. August - Wild Beasts (Hurrah!) September - Angel Olsen??? October - Goat???? November - Honeyblood????

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