Monday, March 27, 2017

Rough Trade Album Club: March 2017 Pack

So this is my second pack from the new Rough Trade Club. As I said before subscribers receive one album and it's up to us to choose the rest. I am stick with the three cd format as it is perfect for my budget. I am noticing that the main cds chosen are growers and March's was no exception. This time it was Holly Macve's Golden Eagle,, Macve is a country musician in a the grand old tradition of Dolly Parton or Loretta Lynn.She has the minimalist approach with the yowly voice. Personally it took a while for me to get used to the record but once it clicked, it was on constant rotation. Personally what I liked were the deft touches - despite the minimal approach, there is orchestration but used sparingly and it works well. A solid album 8/10. The bonus disc of covers was a nice accompaniment. The other album was Sleaford Mods, English Tapas. This is totally in my comfort zone as I'm a big fan of the band and the move to Rough Trade Records suited them. I like the way they mix beats with spoken word, although frontman Jason Williams does sing on a couple of tracks. Although they have not compromised their sound, you do feel that there are ambitions to push the sound further. The music is more energetic and clubby. I feel that English tapas may be a turning point for the band. It's also a great introduction to Sleaford Mods if you've never heard them before. 8.5/10. The last album is Grandaddy's Last Place. Again I was in my comfort zone. I'm a huge fan of that sort of orchestral pop in That sort of Sparklehorse/Flaming Lips/Mercury Rev vein and Grandaddy forms part f that clique. This new album is not a return to form, rather a very good, strong album that Grandaddy fans will like a lot. Lyrically the band were always strong but the lyrics in last place are superb. Musically ti is good but the band have done better. 7.5/10. Upcoming: April - Big Moon??? May - Mac DeMarco?? June - Goldie?? London Grammer???

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