Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Los Campesinos

When was the last time you heard an excellent and young Welsh band? think? Right well, when Cardiff septet Los Campesinos' 'We Throw Parties, you throw Knives' single assaulted my earholes last year I became an obsessive fan. There is absolutely nothing I love more that a blaringly catchy tune. Thankfully so far the band have lived up to you throw parties.... and their other songs are very good indeed.Giddy guitar pop, melodies so fast and sweet it feels like and instant sugar rush. Yet they know when to hold back the sappiness which can plague a band like this. Their David Newfeld (of Broken Social Scene) produced debut album will be out on 25th of February (preceeded by a single on the 18th)Personally I say when that time comes make sure you clear your bedroom so you can play proper air guitar to the songs (yes they do induce that)

you can sample their greatness here :


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