Friday, January 25, 2008

Vindictive Jukebox : An introduction

You know writing an introductory post for a blog like this is actually quite difficult but after some plotting and planning I decided that the 'scope' of this project is this :

I am a hopeless music addict. I'm not going to to boast about credentials but my life does revolve arounds music and vice versa. So in other words this blog will be about one thing but my goodness it's got so many aspects that it's impossible to simply create a one route mission statement. So yeah this blog will be the place where I write about music, be it a cd review, talking about a new band which takes my fancy ( it happens a lot) , A gig I attended, maybe a rant about a band I don't like or a music book which I recommend. There will be nothing but music.It wont be necessarily rock either I believe that all genres are relative and that music is like ( to use a crude analogy) a huge plate of spaghetti - different strands that are awesome when combined and twirled together.
As the blog develops there will be more changes and improvements but the first few steps will be a bit shakey.
so let's start.............

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