Tuesday, August 26, 2008

From the Vaults : The Boy Least Likely to

(This was one of my first reviews. Now looking back I feel that it's amateurish and I am a bit embarrassed re-reading it. The album hasn't lost it's sparkle though.)

The Boy Least Likely to - The Best Party Ever

OOOHHHH! (reviewer’s squeal of delight) I ADORE whimsical music, and newcomers ‘The Boy Least Likely To’ have bucketloads of it. Images of picnics, monsters and warm panda cola (whatever that is) are abundant and give you an idea what you’re prepared for. When I heard the first xylophone twinkles on opener ‘Be Gentle with Me’ I was seduced proper. This music sounds so pure. If no drugs or groupies were involved in the recording of this album (or singles collection) I wouldn’t be surprised. ‘The Best Part Ever’ embraces you with a soft fuzzy hug and will make you smile.
I have been addicted to this album for days, weeks and months, listening to it wherever I go. Why? It just feels so good. It’s like a medicine. The more you take the stronger you feel. In a world full of depressing events we need a ray of hope and ‘The Boy Least Likely...’ provides it. I think the most poignant quote in this ‘I have nothing to worry about so I worry about nothing’. This is the philosophy TBLLT is trying to put forward. Don’t worry be happy. It may be twee but it makes sense. If you are a fan of Belle and Sebastian, Salako, Teenage Fanclub and The Beach Boys then I’m sure you would be enthralled by ‘The Best Party’. Here’s another newcomer to the great family of indiepop, and he’s welcome!

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