Sunday, August 31, 2008

From the vaults : TV on the Radio - Young Liars e.p.

Going down memory lane again.

T.V. on the Radio- Young Liars ep

A Looooooooong time ago (well 2003) a little unknown band called TV on the Radio released a five track ep called Young Liars on an unsuspecting public. To those who got it early found that this band used harmonies, pan pipes, jerky guitars and sampled dialogue. In other words it was something different and unique.

Two years on the Young Liars ep is still an excellent listen and although the groups debut ‘Desperate Youth and Bloodthirsty Babes’ is better, the group’s sound is already fully realized here. Satellite starts off with the group’s trademark pummeling beats and probably has the most significant quote in its lyrics ‘Waiting for a signal or sound’ and literally I feel that the world has been waiting for signals and sounds like this for a while.

Staring at the Sun is next up. Although the debut version lacks the samples this still has a lot of punch is definitely the template for the debut.

The other two tracks ‘Blind’ and ‘Young Liars’ are just as good but what really stands out here is their version of The Pixies Mr. Grieves. It’s done a cappella and is first class again it’s another trademark that would show up in the debut and in their latest single New Health Rock as well.

All in all I would say that The ‘Young Liars’ ep is a perfect introduction to the band and what was to follow. Since the group are releasing their sophomore album soon and knowing their vast experimentalism this ep may seem like something out of date but still it is a very good snapshot of a very talented band already at the peak of their capabilities.

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