Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Boy Least Likely to - New Songs

After a massive three year wait, one of my top indie pop bands, The Boy Least Likely to, have some new songs. Thank goodness that both these songs are excellent, which warantees a sophomore album which may improve on their already impeccable debut, 'The Best Party Ever'
The first song 'The Boy Least Likely to is a Machine' is far from mechanical and is just heartwarming from beginning to end. Sounding like a toybox version of Bowie's Scary Monsters (and super creeps) but injected with a Belle and Sebastian goodness, it already makes me feel optimistic about the band.
if you thought that song was good then the next one, 'A Balloon on a Broken String' is the best thing the band have ever recorded. Super Catchy, uplifitng, amazing and with added handclaps. It has every single element that makes TBLLT so loved. Yet it dipenses with the laid back whimsy of previous recordings and is more confident and has, dare I say, a swagger which they never displayed before.
Welcome back!

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