Sunday, February 24, 2008

New Artist : George Pringle

Dammit one of the joys of discovering a new artist (well she's been making music for a while now) is when the song just jumps out and attacks you like a rapid pitbull. George Pringle's music just does that. Beats just surge at your head and then Pringle nonchalant vocals and post modern lyrics spearhead each song so you're surrounded by her music.
The best thing is that in some other person's hands this could have easily been some type of arty wankery but Pringle holds everything together by her sheer sense of melody and non stop barrage of clicks, whirrs, beats and bloops. Plus the DIY feeling that runs through the tracks here just creates a more intimate and forceful presence.
Pringle's time will come and when it does i'll be prepared. Once the music pops it won't stop!

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