Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New music : The Indelicates

It's amazing how a song a make you a quivering wreck. Just one song can make you press the repeat button over and over and over until your index finger develops a blister. Then when you've heard that song one gazillion times you then discover other tunes that the band offers and they are equally great.
Enter The Indelicates.
I have been going crazy... no INSANE over the songs on these guys myspace page. This is pure guitar pop perfection. Harmonies, dizzyingly good melodies and loads of fun chucked in too!
The song that started it was the glorious sixteen. I mean how can you hate a song where the lyric that uses the words 'scene' and 'seen' so cleverly ( I can't quote. It has to be heard) add the boy/girl harmonies, the piano and guitars and you've got the catchiest song ever.
After that check out 'Julia we don't live in the 60's' a ditty with a ferocious jangle which will ensnare you from the first millisecond.
oh I can go on spouting hyperbole for this duo but really you have to listen to them :
now fall in love.

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