Saturday, February 2, 2008

James Severy at Circus Circus

I just love it when you discover an artist and his tunes go on rotation in your head 24/7. I admit this happens to me quite a bit but then there are levels of obsession and James Severy's 'Do the Circus Circus' has driven me STARK RAVING MAD.

Starting out with a catchy as syphillis acoustic guitar riff and then evolving into a two penny hip hop beat it is one hell of an opening. The Severy's yelp enters and you're taken for a three minute journey.

on Severy's myspace there are three other tracks and remix of do the Circus Circus and they are all great. Severy is clearly a poet and his plaintive pleas sound excellent with whimsical music. There's bucketloads of talent here and the fact that this guy's tunes have been soundtracking my weekend must mean something.

There isn't that much info but I can say one thing - TALENT

may you be infected with these songs!

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