Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Weekly Listening

Various artists - Counter Culture '07 After 2006's rather weak compilation Rough Trade Shops decided to set up their own label and do the compiling with a label's help. The result is one of the strongest tracklisting since thhe 2004 edition. It's practically all new bands so there's a lot of fresh energy.Instead of the usual quiet cd and loud cd, this time round it's the listenable stuff on cd 1 and the avant garde, noisy/weird tracks on cd 2. Usually one cd is stronger than the other but now there's an equal consistency. My standout tracks on cd one are Pete and the Pirates - Come on Feet and on cd 2 Dan Deacon's The Crystal Cat.

Pete and the Pirates - Little DeathWow what a fun album. Straight on no nonsense guitar rock. Punchy choruses, quite good lyrics. There are 12 potential singles in this nifty debut and i bet you none of them will ever receive airplay.Anyways do check out this album - it's one of the first big ones of 2008

Pilooski - Dirty EditsPilooski is a french dj and on this record he takes covers and redoes them in a stratling manner. For example Soundgarden's Black Hole Sun is turned into a lounge track. Can's mother Sky is a full funk workout. Princes 1999 is revamped into a french touch song. The best thing here though is the remake of Frankie Valli's Beggin' which is AWESOME - a full dancefloor filler if there ever was one. Always innovative but never descending into novelty.

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