Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ellen Allien - Sprung/It's

Ellen Allien
Sprung/It's (SINGLE)
Bpitch Control 2008

What can I say about Ellen Allien? Sure there are the cliches like innovative, techno's first ady yadda yadda yadda but what excites me is the fact that she has never taken a predictable route as an artist. All her albums are never developments of the last one but rather separate entities which stand on their own.

Sprung is the first taster off her new album Sool ( review will be on the horizon) and it's a more minimal and darker affair. Whereas her beats are a bit frothy, here they thud and unravel but not at a slow pace, rather at comfortable one. In the spaces inbetween there are flecks of electronic lashes. Sometimes during the song's progression it goes a bit spacey but resumes it's hypnotic pace easily.
Hypnotic is a good word to describe 'Sprung'. It's the type of track to grab hold of you, keep you seated and staring into a blank void for it's duration. Very clever.

The flipside 'It's' contains the same feel as the a side. I guess one can call this a spacious thumper as it consists of a heartbeat like thump pulsating quietly, again with speckles of beeps sprinkled on to fill in some gaps. It is totally mesmerising.

It seems that these two tracks have ushered in a new phase for Allien. Less clutter , less upbeat and mood creating. However there is tons of soul spread out in this 12 minute delight. Judging by Sprung and It's. Allien has once again proved that she can still make heads turn and eyes open.

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