Friday, June 27, 2008

Modeselektor - Godspeed/White Flash

Modeselektor - Godspeed/White Flash (SINGLE)
Bpitch Control

I somehow guessed that the two best tracks on Modeselektor's sophomore album (called Happy Birthday) would see the light of day in the near future. For those who don't know Modeslektor are one of the best electronic acts at the moment. Not only can they shift to any electronic genre at the drop of a stylus but they don't really have any weak tracks in their repertoire . 'Godspeed' ranks as one of fan's favourites due to the fact that displays a more mature side of the duo. A slight beepy track which grows more layers and get more chunky as it proceeds, only to fade out in what sounds like the most sinister choir on Earth.

but that's only one side of the story.

The absolute standout of Happy Birthday is The White Flash, which features a certain Thom Yorke on vocals and STILL is the best track he's lent his vocals to ( including 2006's The Eraser)
It's an ethereal track and Yorke unleashes the full potential of his voice. It's oddly calming and creepy at the same time. I put it down to those swathes of noise (in the best sense) which crop up in intervals.

The whole package is rounded off by The White Flash remixed by the elusive Trentemoller. It's an interesting rerub of the track ( adds heavier beats, Keeps Yorke's vocals) but it doesn't surpass the original, although he does keep the same feel and it is more dancefloor friendly. It does it's job well.

Although two of these tracks already exist in c.d. format (and probably digital as well) it was good listening to them in a different context but it still makes me wonder what the group will pull off next time round?

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