Thursday, June 19, 2008

Stricken City - Free E.P.

I just love when I hear fresh music that's sounds fantastic from the very second when you press the play button. When i heard Stricken City's Tak o Tak I instantly gravitated to it. Honestly never has a song compelled me to press 'play' so many times. A simple beat and a soaring chorus and a catchy guitar line. It's a perfect recipe for a perfect tune. Listen to it and fall in love.

and that's not all, the remaining two songs on this downloadable e.p. keep up to the standard of Tak o Tak. Bardou is a slower tune but so sweet you can't help grinning and the Traveller is culled from a radio sessio. The recording quality isn't great but the song itself displays a softer side of the band.

Definitely a group to look out for

Official website (where you can download the e.p.)

Myspace Page

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