Sunday, June 29, 2008

Thomas Muller - Seduction/Crash

If you thought that the French were only capable of sounding like Justice ( I was about the say anything on Ed Banger but then I realised that they all sound like Justice) then think again. New signing Thomas Muller hails from aforementioned country and his sound is totally different. Taking his cues from minimal techno and microhouse Muller injects a more energetic feel into the two tracks of his second single. Seduction is a micro masterpiece. A snaking beat beat which gets shaken with a sound that's not dissimilar to marbles falling into a bowl. It's nine minutes literally fly by.

Crash is more heavy hitting and funky. It literally thuds its way across your speakers. I have to admit I found 'Seduction' more exciting but this one works perfectly, if not a bit too functional.

Will France start spawning tons of Muller copy cat artists? I personally doubt it but then who cares Muller is a talent worth checking out.

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