Saturday, June 21, 2008

Kid Canaveral

What is it about Scots and indie pop? the two seem to go hand in hand. Give a Scot a guitar and he will bash out a catchy as hell song that will make you pogo about in your room for days. Edinburgh's Kid Canaveral is no exception.

Couldn't Dance, the first song on this guys myspace page is simply great. It's a rocket of a song, just blasts off and keeps on going at full throttle.

and if you thought that was good, the next song is called 'Teenage Fanclub Song' and it's just as whimsical and fun. A good old fashioned guitar belter.

The Other two songs (Smash Hits, So CLose so Beautiful) are older but just as wonderful. In other words this band have a magic touch with music. As I know you'll never hear songs this honest and worm their way into your eardrums so quick.

Brilliant Brilliant stuff that needs to be heard! This is your new favourite band!

Kid Canaveral Myspace

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