Monday, July 21, 2008


Talk about urgency! 0.1 seconds of logging on to London's Enl I am greeted by an onrush of thumping drums and music that sounds so fast you feel that the band were making their very last album! not to mention that the melody is so infectious that putting it in quarantine is an absolute must

And when THAT first song is over, you won't even have time to breathe as the next track (Mrs.Madame) still has that 'play as fast as you can' feel (with added bouncy bass) and is better then the last.

and this happens another three times.

Enl just reek of youthful energy, guts and blood, To believe that these five songs are demos is a definite sign that the fully developed version will make you run for cover, or at least to the indie dancefloor.

now clear your room, listen to Enl and pogo about. This is not an option!

Enl's Myspace

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