Monday, July 7, 2008

James Yuill

Man James Yuill is so cool that a pair of sunglasses should accompany each release he unleashes onto the unsuspecting public. Two singles under his belt and just KNOW that there's a great future up ahead.

Why am I making a fuss? It's not everyday you meet a guy who can effortlessly mash bruising beats with folky sounding guitars AND make it sound so damn easy oh and so damn danceable. In fact i've been so hooked on these tracks that i've put off mentioning this guy on the blog for a few days. The five tracks on Yuill's myspace are worth checking out, especially the amazing 'No Pins Allowed' which shows Yuill at his best. Trust me they will make your day better!

there's only one last thing left to say

License to YouILL?????

James Yuill's Myspace

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