Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Joy Formidable

It seems that lately i've been coming across monikers that describe the band well. The latest in this series is London based band, The Joy Formidable.

The music is all about textures. Synths weave in and out, heavy drumming and a wall of guitar noise dominate their latest song 'The Greastest Light is the Greatest Shade' it's a HUGE tune in every way and then just as you thought that the song could not go further there is a spine tingling multi tracked choir of Ritzi ( the lead singer) concluding the whole thing. Breath taking.

the remaining two tracks are early songs ( I assume) 'Austere' (the band's first forthcoming single) is bouncy tune which plays on quiet/loud dynamics perfectly. It's also a breath taking song, but only cause you'll jump around to it till actually run out of air to breathe.

last track 'Cradle' is all pretty cooing and buzzsaw guitars. It's cute and bruising at the same time.

The Joy Formidable? oh yes! Definitely!

The Joy Formidable's Facebook Page

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