Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Poverty Beat

I get obsessed by new bands/artists very easily. But I say if I like the music then I don't care and trust me here, The Poverty Beat's (aka Kin Pitchford) music hit me in a million different ways. This guy's tunes have all the components of something great. I simply love the fact that each song is different from the last and yet still holds on to a unique style (kudos for the rhyming clever song titles as well' April Showers, Mayflowers! - Hah). I'm reminded of Ariel Pink albeit Pitchford has a much better ear for a tune. Also notice how the tracks have an adhesive quality to them. I know you'll be thinking about a song like 'In Orbit' or 'The Singularity' long after it has been heard.

If I go on it will be nothing but lavish praise so let's wind down and we'll go straight to the links

The Poverty Beat part 1

The Poverty Beat part 2

enjoy - I have!


Mimí said...

Hi Pisani, Have you heard about Adele, the British singer? I think you would like her.
By the way, I'm Florinda, also a librarian, from Spain.

bobblog said...

Hey there. I just cam back from Barcelona!

Yes I have heard of Adele and I think she;s good as well but I try to write about bands that are very very new.