Saturday, July 5, 2008

Joy Division (dir Grant Gee)

After the quite good 'Control' I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical of a second feature film on Joy Division. I mean, how many things can be said about the band. Unlike Corbijin, Gee takes a different route. You will not learn anything new from watching 'Joy Division' but you will feel more satisfied.

The format is not dissimilar to a documentary a la Don Letts. (i.e. every member of the band is interviewed and cut with scenes from Curtis' life and various places where the band played) Here Bernard Sumner , Peter Hook and Stephen Morris present themselves as serious people who are ready to bare all, and they do as well. It is a very personal documentary, with a lot of reflection. The other interviewers ( The late Tony Wilson, Paul Morley, Peter Saville , Pete Shelley, Annik Honore etc) all give their slant and views on Joy Division and Curtis' descent into epilepsy.

Yet I am finding it difficult to write something about the film itself, mainly cause it has all been documented before. I know the ex members of the band should give a new perspective but in retrospect they don't, so the fan of the band will just have an entertaining, well filmed and visually interesting documentary. It will blow the mind away for the Joy Division virgin though and it is better than Corbijin's (he's interviewed as well) effort has it provides a much wider spectrum of the group.

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