Friday, July 4, 2008

Vivian Girls

Once again good old New York donates another one first class band to the music world. This time round it's Vivian Girls.

Imagine all the greatest mid to late 80's guitar rock bands, That loving lo fi sound, a punchy chorus, a prominent drum and that shambolic but thrilling guitar sound. To top it off all girls sing in harmony woo!

Now give all these elements a noughties sheen and maybe you're close to this band's sound. Vivian Girls are like the best rollercoaster ride you've got to experience one day in your life!

and yes, there is an album hitting your record shelves very very soon. A must have!

Maybe this paragraph is a bit on the short side
but really it's a case of the music speaking for itself - and it does that in volumes!

Vivian Girls Myspace

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