Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Oh man, the urge to quote a certain Smiths song with William in title is soooooo tempting but i will try to resist it. Thankfully there is nothing remotely Smitsh-y about London band William. In fact their rough, ragged sound is like a breath of fresh air to these ears.

combining the quirky art rock of groups like Sonic Youth, Pavement and No Age and then there own special twist, William are a treat to listen to. The proof? listen to the four tracks on 'William's' myspace page and it's a true testament to something different. You have never heard a British band like this for eons and now with a debut album out i'm sure that they will make waves among people who are simply bored of nearly every UK second band sounding like The Libertines.

erm William, it was really nothing! (sorry)

William's Myspace Page

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