Thursday, July 3, 2008

One Little Plane

There is something about One Little Plane's voice that will grab you from the the start. It's dreamy but with an edge that makes you how both vocal qualities work so well together.

and then there's the music.

think of some sort of tapestry unfurling in slow motion. It's a beautiful electronic kalaedoscope with some homemade sounds chucked in for good measure.

The track that is the most immediate is Sunshine Kid. A hip hop beat melded with an acoustic guitar and a very pretty doe eyed chorus. This music designed for watching sunsets and sunrises with a lover by your side. Gives you chills and warm feelings at the same time. OLP's debut album will erm.. be landing soon so make sure to doouble erm.... book early! (sorry for the flight puns)

one helluva talent here.

OLP's Myspace Page

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