Thursday, July 17, 2008

From the vaults: Tap Tap – Lanzafame

Tap Tap – Lanzafame (Catbird Records/Stolen Recordings)

Whenever I listen to Reading’s Tap Tap (aka Thomas Sanders) I really have to resist the urge to pretend that I’m part of some kind of gospel choir. You know - waving my arms and exuberating joy. Hey, I’d even don a gown if given the opportunity! Tap Tap’s music inspires this sort of call to arms and celebration atmosphere. Let’s face it, British music is dominated by Britpop or post-punk imitators so its refreshing to find someone who shrugs off the trends and does his own thing.
Tap Tap remind me of Clinic, and they even share the same influences: Beach Boys, early Pink Floyd and Velvet Underground. However, whereas Clinic turn these influences into a down and dirty trash, Sanders will churn out a sweet and cheery mixture instead. You could say that the former take their cues from Sister Ray while the latter uses Pale Blue Eyes as a template.
Tap Tap keep things simple throughout. Its a home recording and proves that a lot can be done with the simple guitar and drums format, especially on the ultra-contemporary To Our Continuing Friendship and I am a Kite. Anderson’s Spencer Krug-like (of Wolf Parade) vocal delivery is particularly effective.
Lanzafame could prove to, erm, tap into people’s consciousness. A perfect debut!

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